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Hi! If you found this page on purpose that means you’re interested in my Sims 4 Legacy Twitch Stream! Welcome. If you’ve stumbled on this page by accident, I’m not sorry. Answering a few questions below.

What the hell am I even doing?

  • I’m following this Sims 4 Legacy Challenge from first generation through the tenth generation. Obeying these primary rules I will continue the family legacy:
    • Gender Law: Matriarchy – The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.
    • Bloodline Law: Modern – Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.
    • Heir Law: Exemplar – At the beginning of the challenge, name a single trait. This trait must be one of your founder’s three traits.. Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait follow the First Born rule. If more than one child has the Exemplar trait then the oldest child WITH the trait will be the heir.
  • Following these rules I will create the Generation 1 Sim to begin the family. From there I will hook up with, marry, mess around other Sims to continue the family legacy. There are A LOT more rules (re: guidelines) to play this that I may or may not follow. The 3 listed here will be a must though.

Why the hell am I even doing?

  • Mostly for funsies. I enjoy playing The Sims. While I’ll be starting a new legacy family for this one I do have another one that I’m working through. I’ve gotten a little bored with the way their story is progressing and figure the input of friends/random internet stranger might shake things up a bit.

Why the hell should you watch/listen?

  • The first stream will be character creation. I doubt many people will even be watching for this one so I’ll be left to my own devices.
  • Each stream after that will consist of game play and house building/updating. Through all of this everyone will be welcome to provide input on who I should be trying to make babies with (or if adoption is the way to go).


  • Sims 4 is rated T (Teen) for crude humor, sexual themes, and violence.
  • I will be rating myself as M (Mature) for the potential of my cursing. More often than not I’ll be rated PG, but just throwing it out there that things may get crazy!
  • I make no promises to stream on the regular because life and other hobbies also happen, but on the right is a calendar with my upcoming planned streaming dates. This may change from time to time, but the calendar will be updated. I will also be posting on Twitter to announce streaming times.

Now, after all that you’re probably asking yourself “Hell yeah! Where can I watch/provide input for these shenanigans!” Here’s the link! https://www.twitch.tv/noajayne.

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