27710339_10155209284576651_5186871975016635281_oThis is me. My name’s Cassadi, and I have many hobbies in which I will be writing about here. Mostly, at least for now, I expect you’ll see a lot of words/pictures about life and board games (GASP). I know you’re shocked.

I previously worked with Crystal and Ambie of Board Game Blitz fame, and worked briefly with a wonderful group of people over at The Shuffle.

Outside of the fun board game work I’m doing I do have a full-time day job in which I assess IT risk, wrangle a toddler beast and corgi, and try to find time to relax with one hobby or another.

That’s me in a very brief nutshell, but, of course, as you continue reading my ravings you’ll learn more than you probably ever wanted to know. 😀

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