A Quick Food Related Update

Last week was my first week back to intermittent fasting since… Honestly I can’t remember how long it’s been. Of the seven days I think I was successful 4. I’ll take it! The only reason I wasn’t successful the other nights is because of drinks after dinner. I waiting until at least 11:30 to break the fast each day, but with drinks until 9 some nights I still wasn’t getting the full 16 hour fast. It’s all good. I’m getting there.

While bringing back intermittent fasting I also got back to counting calories. I did better on that front. Only going over my count twice! Whoohoo! It felt good to be taking control of something again. After just letting myself over eat and over drink for so long.

Even during quarantine I was meal planning for dinners, but I wasn’t accounting for lunches because “I was home so I can just eat leftovers”. This was great because we weren’t wasting food, but I was eating breakfast, heavy lunches from leftover dinners, then heavy dinners. It wasn’t doing me any good. So when I was working on my meal plan and grocery list I thought about this, and made some better decisions.

Dinners will still be on the heavy side because I like to have a big dinners, but I’m going to be smarter about my lunches. We’re going to grill some extra chicken tomorrow for lunches, and I chopped what feels like a million vegetables this morning. So while I don’t have my standard lunch meal prep these days, I’m at least making steps to get myself back on track. Feeling pretty good today outside of the world imploding.

Oh yeah, I even did home workouts including a 15 minute indoor row 3 days last week! It should’ve been more, but this is just the beginning.

All this to say, hang in there friends! Most of us are struggling right now one way or another, but there’s still time to turn things around. When you’re ready. 🙂

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