Meal Prep – Shredded Chicken Quesadillas

What’s for Breakfast?

Breakfast is simple with 2 scrambled eggs, pre-cooked turkey sausage, and half a grapefruit.


Calorie Breakdown

  • 2 large eggs – 140
  • 1 pre-cooked turkey sausage – 65
  • Half a grapefruit – 55

Breakfast macro break down: 257 calories, 12g carbs, 14g fat, 20g protein

What’s for Lunch?

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked for my lunches. So this week I made shredded chicken quesadillas. I’m afraid the chicken may be a bit too moist after cooking in the slow cooker with salsa. Hoping the tortillas don’t get too soggy by the end of the week.


Calorie Breakdown

  • 4oz chicken – 110
  • 28g Monterey jack shredded cheese – 110
  • Flour tortilla – 70
  • Mild salsa -30
  • Assorted bell peppers – 20

Lunch macro breakdown: 340 calories, 30g carbs, 15g fat, 34g protein

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, since including breakfast back in, I’ve been eating that around 9, and then lunch closer to 12:30-1 than 11 like I was when fasting. This means I don’t need as many snacks in the afternoon. Basically my snack calories went to my breakfasts.

Containers Used

  • Glass containers for lunches
  • Rubbermaid containers for breakfasts and snacks – These containers have help up for nearly a year. They do great in the microwave and haven’t stained yet! If you’re going to go plastic I highly recommend these.


  • I’m personally trying to stick to a 1200-1500 daily calorie limit. This may not work for you. Change these recipes as much as you need to make them work.


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