Meal Prep – Turkey Pinwheels

You may remember there was no meal prep last week, and I ended up spending half the week on the couch. I’m still a little tired from being sick so this week’s meal prep is one of my very simple staples.

I usually safe this meal prep for spring/summer because it’s a cold meal, but it’s also delicious, high in protein, and low calorie. Let me introduce you to the Turkey Pinwheels! I originally found this recipe through a google search which lead me to Project Meal Plan.


So what’s in it?

I did not deviate at all from her recipe linked above which includes flatbread, laughing cow cheese spread, lunch meat, and greens. She even provides a graphic to show you exactly how to spread everything on the flatbread for best rolling! It’s lovely, go check it out.

How do you make it?

Even if you don’t check it out, this is still a very simple meal. Honestly, the kiddo might start learning how to make this one in the next year or two. The base of it is flatbread. You can use a tortilla or anything else that works for pinwheels, but I find this flatbread that Project Meal Plan suggested to be the best. Spread your cheese or condiment of choice over the whole thing, add meat to 3/4ths of it, and then put your greens in the middle. Roll it up from the meat side, slice it up, and done!

Additional Snacks and Nutrition

Lunches will be the pinwheels and a small salad with 10g of ranch dressing.

  • 347 calories
  • 31g carbs
  • 11g fat
  • 45g protein

Snacks will be 2 hard boiled eggs, two pieces of light babybel cheese, and carrots coming in at 275 calories.


Containers Used

  • Glass containers for lunches and blueberries
  • Rubbermaid containers for peppers – These containers have help up for nearly a year. They do great in the microwave and haven’t stained yet! If you’re going to go plastic I highly recommend these.


  • You’ll see a lack of breakfast preps. I’m working to get back to intermittent fasting which, for me, means skipping breakfast. The hard boiled egg you’ll see in almost all of my meal preps is there in case I feel I need to break the fast early. Some days I’m more hungry in the morning than others. I also keep oatmeal at my desk in case the morning’s are harder to push through than usual.
  • I’m personally trying to stick to a 1200-1500 daily calorie limit. This may not work for you. Change these recipes as much as you need to make them work.

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