Board Game Purge 2020

Each year, usually early in the year, I do an inventory check of my board games. This makes sure my digital inventory on Board Game Geek is accurate, but also has me looking at each individual box. Looking at the boxes is the important part of this because it gives me the chance to say “do I really want to play this again” or ask “does someone else I play with regularly own this?”. If the answer to the first is no or the answer to the second is yes then the box goes on the stack.

I completed this exercise and now have a stack of game that will be removed from my collection over the next few months.

How do I remove them from the collection? First, I take a picture of the stack(s) of games. I then put together a spreadsheet providing the game name, details about the condition of the game, and the price I’m looking to sell for. After that, I usually post it to my local group’s Facebook page to see if anyone wants anything. I then arrange to meet up with people at our weekly meetings to exchange goods for dollars. This tends to take some time since not everyone can go to every weekly meeting. Anything that’s not snapped up quickly gets donated locally. Usually to one of the gaming cafes in town, but I’m actually looking into other places I can donate this year.

Currently, including the games I’ll be attempting to sell, my collection is sitting at 256. I’m not strapped for space, but I am strapped for time to play all of these games. A few years ago I attempted to play every single game on my shelf. I made it more than halfway, and the experience proved to me that, even with enough space, sometimes too much still exists. There are games that, even if I don’t play them, will never leave my collection for nostalgic reasons, but not many. Carcassonne and Munchkin are the two that come to mind quickly. These were some of my first games so they will stay with me for a long, long time.


I’ve only made it past that first step. Next is the spreadsheet, and then the attempt to unload.

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