Meal Prep – Chicken Burgers

For this week’s prep I went with a tried and true recipe. Chicken burgers with sweet potatoes and green beans. Last week I did a follow up post since it was a new recipe, but going forward I will only do Friday follow ups if it’s a new recipe. This one doesn’t need a follow up because I’ve used this particular recipe quite a few times. Just know that, as long as the chicken burgers aren’t over cooked, they last (and continue to be delicious) through the whole week!


So what’s in it?

I found this recipe through All Recipes last year I believe; here’s a direct link. Basically you need ground chicken, an egg, some bread crumbs, onion, and garlic. Follow the link for details.

01.12.1How do you make it?

The original recipe says to cook the burgers on the stove top. I like to walk away from my meal prep when I can, so I cook them in the oven with the sweet potatoes. I’ll also do the green beans in the oven making this a very simple prep.

Preheat the oven to 375F. Combine all the burger ingredients in a bowl and then divide into patties. You can add different spices to the burgers to make them suite your flavor pallet. I like the simplicity of the original recipe. I made 5 patties for this week. The sweet potatoes and green beans can be prepared however you like. Once the oven is pre-heated put everything on baking sheets. I use aluminum foil to keep everything from sticking and toss the vegetables in a tiny bit of olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes. Check the burgers to see if they’re sufficiently cooked through. If so, remove them. Also check the sweet potatoes and green beans at this point. Depending on your preferred level of softness they may be ready to come out as well.

The image on the left is the nutritional information for just the burgers. The break down for the entire lunch including the sweet potatoes and green beans is:

  • 388 Calories
  • 27 Carbs
  • 22 Fat
  • 21 Protein


For snacks I’ll have my usual hard boiled egg and light babybel cheese along with a random assortment of fruits and vegetables. Usually whatever’s leftover from the previous week or dinner meal planning.


Containers Used

  • Glass containers for lunches and blueberries
  • Rubbermaid containers for peppers – These containers have help up for nearly a year. They do great in the microwave and haven’t stained yet! If you’re going to go plastic I highly recommend these.


  • You’ll see a lack of breakfast preps. I’m working to get back to intermittent fasting which, for me, means skipping breakfast. The hard boiled egg you’ll see in almost all of my meal preps is there in case I feel I need to break the fast early. Some days I’m more hungry in the morning than others. I also keep oatmeal at my desk in case the morning’s are harder to push through than usual.
  • I’m personally trying to stick to a 1200-1500 daily calorie limit. This may not work for you. Change these recipes as much as you need to make them work.

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