Meal Prep Follow-Up – Lemon Garlic Chicken

The below is my follow up for this week’s meal prep which was posted Monday.

Day 1 – Monday


The recipe book says you can eat cold or re-heat. I decided to re-heat for the first day. The chicken was still nice and juice, not tough at all. The cauliflower rice was on point, but the broccoli was too soft (which I feared after cooking). Next time I’ll steam or roast the broccoli. The recipe had me boil it.

Also, the yogurt sauce was pretty great. Had a nice little kick and offset the sweetness from the lemon on the chicken really well. However, I only used about half of what I made, so next time I’ll probably halve the recipe.

Day 2 – Tuesday

I made the mistake of not putting the blueberries in a silicon cup so before re-heating my lunch I had to take them out. D’oh! Also, I was extra hungry at lunch so I added my cheese snack to my lunch. The chicken was still super moist, even after re-heating. I remember being afraid I had under cooked it Sunday, but it’s been great so far!

Day 3 – Wednesday

I work from home on Wednesdays which means sometimes I really don’t want to eat my prepped lunch. However, I try my very best to convince myself to eat it. This week, I won’t like, was still a struggle because there were so many other food options, but it turned out delicious! And eating it from a real plate was kind of nice for a change.

Day 4 – Thursday

The final day for the lemon garlic chicken. I mentioned on Tuesday’s note that I was afraid it would be under cooked, well Thursday I found the one and only under cooked piece! I popped it in the microwave for a little extra time, and it came out fine!

Day 5 – Friday

Work caters in lunch every other week. I happened to remember this when doing my meal prep so I only made 4 meals!

Would I use this recipe again?

I would definitely do this again. The yogurt sauce was a little too on the spicy side for me so I may try something a little different for that next time. Having the sauce was nice, but the chicken stayed pretty juicy the whole week, even with re-heating. It tasted good and was filling. So, 100% would do it again.

I never like to eat the same lunch two weeks in a row though, so I’ll rotate through a few more before I get back to this one. 🙂

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