2019 – Reading Review

For 2019 I sent a challenge to read 36 books. I did not hit this goal, but I still managed to read or listen to 30 books over the year. Looking back at the list though I feel I could’ve done better. A lot of the books were graphic novel quick reads, and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t do more non-fiction. However, I have a large list of non-fiction to work through for 2020!

Some highlights from my 2019 reading:

3217221Locke & Key – I read all 6 graphic novels quickly! They were so great. I enjoyed them to the point I was inspired to build Key House in The Sims based on the floorplans provided on the inside of the book covers. The build is still a work in progress, but that link will take you to a few screenshots from it.

Lord of the Rings – I finally read through this trilogy. I tried when I was younger, but I couldn’t get myself to concentrate on the story. Overall had a good time with these


Duct Tape Parenting – I found this book searching for help with raising my kid. Because she, like all kids, can be a handful. The base lesson from this book is to sit back, let the kid make mistakes (within reason, when they won’t actually do major damage to themselves or things), don’t rush in and help all the time, and let the kid learn some independence. It was such a helpful book. I’ve been working on doing this more myself, but haven’t been able to convince my partner it’s a good idea.

Terms of Enlistment – This is the first book in the Frontlines series from Marko Kloos. I can’t remember where this was recommended to me from, but I was kinda of meh about it before I started listening to it. I’ve now crushed the first 5 books, and I’m currently working on the 6th. They’ve been engaging military space epics. I was certain I wouldn’t like anything like this other than The Expanse, but the stories and writing styles are so different. They both have a place in my head now.

Overall, I enjoyed everything I read in 2019. I’m a little bummed I didn’t hit my goal or read more non-fiction. It’s 2020 now, and I have so much reading ahead of me! Looking forward to what knowledge this year will bring me.

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