Meal Prep – A New Year

My first (and most recent) meal prep post was nearly a year ago. With two of my goals for 2020 being get healthier and write more I figured I could combine them. My plan is to post each week I actually do the prep. I’m hoping this will provide some added motivation to do the food prep. I think now that all the holiday craziness is over I should have more time on Sundays to do the thing.

I only meal prep my lunch and snacks for work days because the weekends tend to be too chaotic for planned foods. I would typically meal prep breakfasts too, but I’m getting back to intermittent fasting (eating only between 12 and 8) to help with the initial weight loss push of the year. I don’t meal prep dinners because my partner can’t seem to bring himself to eat the same meal multiple days in a row. So, look forward to seeing a lot of lunch meal preps coming this way!

For funsies I’m posting my “meal prep” for the next two days at work before the weekend. It’s in quotes because it’s one of my lazier meal preps, but it’s still better than nothing so here you go!

First up, the before pictures! In an effort to get back to veggies I decided to do some small mason jar side salads to go with my store-bought adult “lunchable”. I didn’t use all these veggies in my salads. The rest of them were sliced, diced, or chopped to preserve for evening dinners and snacks.


This next chart is from MyFitnessPal where I track calories. I mostly use this while I’m doing my meal planning to make sure I have a decent amount of protein while still being within my calorie count with the meals I’m planning. Lunches ended up at 398 total calories with 33g carbs, 22g fat, 18g protein, 4g fiber, and 3g sugar. The 18 grams of protein is actually much lower than I would normally prepare for myself. I try to be between 20-30 grams most days, and you’ll see that in future preps for sure.


The final product picture, minus the salad dressing. I forgot to actually measure it out before taking the picture. I’ll work on getting better at photographing food too…


Snack calories made up a little for the lower protein in my lunches. 120 total calories. 1g carbs, 8g fat, 12g protein, and no fiber or sugar.


I’ll keep working on my photo-blog skills and the formatting for these posts until I find what works best for me. Until then, I hope you’re all having a great/quiet/restful start to the new year!

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