Summer Reflections

I know I made no promises to myself or anyone else about updating this space with any kind of regularity. I know I promised myself I would take it easy on myself for slipping on the diet/exercise train. I know I’m only human, but I’ve been kind of down on myself lately.

From a post back in April I made this awesome list of things I wanted to do, and I’ve done none of them. Well, I have played more Sims 4, and I did do some streaming for a bit. Set a schedule and everything, but then I couldn’t keep up with it. I’m not sure if going back to streaming is even something I want to do now.

  • Like I said earlier, actually set a schedule for Sims 4 streaming.
  • Create some board game crossword puzzles. I just think that could be a fun monthly post here. If I can find a way so people can do the crossword on the site instead of printing it out that’d be great!
  • Just post more here, even if it’s silly stuff like this post.
  • Play more solo board games! This will include finishing my current game of Legacy of Dragonholt, and working through my backlog of games since most of them I got for solo gaming anyways.

As for the rest of it, just totally didn’t go anywhere. Since this post last April I’ve been to three board game conventions and a family vacation. I’m trying to cut myself some slack on the creative side since I’ve been so busy on the family/vacation side.

I have so many ideas. I always have so many ideas, but I never find the right motivation/determination/time to make them happen, and that’s 100% on me.

I’ve gained even more weight back, and I’m trying very hard not to be too hard on myself about it. I’ve been slipping up on food/drink stuff all summer. I keep seeing posts on my Timehop from 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 11 years ago where I’m always saying the same thing. “getting back on track with food and diet!” “getting myself to the gym finally” “need to do something about this dang weight gain” Just over and over again. The same cycle. At what point do I decide to just be happy with who I am? Weight fluctuations and all without making myself crazy.

Well, this post as turned into a bit of a ramble, like most of my general blog updates do I suppose, but I have random thoughts. That’s what this space is for for me.

On plus sides. Some awesome things that have happened over the last few months

  • Geekway, Origins, and Gen Con in which I purchased games, played games, and got to see some of my most favorite people!
  • Family vacation had it’s ups and downs, but we learned that Lizzy loves the water so we’ve been spending more time outside in her little pool. It’s been awesome to watch her having so much fun.
  • Been working on an actual game design since Geekway. Got inspired. I was going to enter it for the Gen Can’t design contest, but didn’t get it ready in time. This is partly because I’ve never tried to design a game before! It’s definitely evolved since that original thought. I think I started on it the wrong way. I have the theme, and I need to figure out the win condition. Working my way backward from there might make it easier.
  • Watching my kid grow, build her personality, do things on her own, make decisions on what she likes/wants to do has been just awesome.

So, while I’ve gained some weight back and been struggling with a work situation that I’m not very happy with there have still been some good times. Trying to remember those.

I think I’ll stop here. I’ve let this ramble go on long enough. Ya’ll have a good day, don’t be too hard on yourselves, and remember to love.

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