Sims 4 – I’ve Been Doing Some Building

I wanted to share a couple of my more recent builds! I haven’t been finding as much time to play since the weather’s gotten nicer. Being outdoors has definitely taken over more of my free time, but I have done these few things recently!

The first one I’m calling Teal Comfort. I made this small house for my Sim-self and my Sim-corgi. If I were living on my own this is probably pretty similar to what I would want for myself, this is missing the massive board game collection though!

02-16-19_3_35_29 PM
Main Living space
02-16-19_3_35_54 PM
02-16-19_3_35_47 PM
Main Living Space from Kitchen
02-16-19_3_03_49 PM
Bedroom Area plus corgi under bed
02-16-19_3_36_06 PM
Study and Dining area
02-16-19_3_36_10 PM
Better Shot of Bedroom


The other space I worked on was for an urban gardener who’s favorite color happens to be red. I used items and colors that I would typically not use because I tend to stay neutral or use pastel colors more than vibrant ones. I’m pretty proud of how this apartment makeover went!

05-30-19_8-45-01 PM
Living area and desk
05-30-19_8-44-56 PM
Living area
05-30-19_8-44-18 PM
05-30-19_8-44-25 PM
Desk area
05-30-19_8-44-28 PM
Dining area
05-30-19_8-44-37 PM
05-30-19_8-44-47 PM
Living area from kitchen
05-30-19_8-45-24 PM
Bedroom dresser
05-30-19_8-45-36 PM
05-30-19_8-46-59 PM
Outoor patio
05-30-19_8-47-07 PM
Outdoor garden

I didn’t get a picture of the bathroom in either place. You can see a glimpse of it in Teal Comfort, but the bathroom in Red Garden was too small to snag a proper screenshot.

Anyways! I’ve built these things, and I like them. Let me know what you think!

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