Punk Rock Legacy – Apartment Upgrade?

During the stream last night I made some changes to the family’s apartment. I was having a difficult time with the layout and everything in the place. So they sold all their stuff, tore down some walls, and remodeled. However, after upgrading the kitchen and installing the bathrooms there wasn’t much money left for anything else. It’ll be okay because now there’s room for each person to put their own spin on the place! Here are a few screenshots from the stream.


04-15-19_9:07:05 PM


04-15-19_9:29:36 PM

More During – made some small changes to walls. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but this is where I left it.

04-15-19_9:29:53 PM

AFTER. Obviously there’s much less in the space right now. The kitchen I moved to the little alcove on the left. Behind that is Toni’s room and private bathroom.  On the right are the kids’ rooms and bathroom. Dining and living are in the central space. I really wanted to add a terrace, but apparently couldn’t make any changes to the exterior walls. Booooo.

04-15-19_9:54:35 PM

Of course it wouldn’t be a stream of the Punk Rock Legacy without Toni fighting Salim.

04-15-19_9:55:17 PM

But at the end of the stream I was able to get this photo of the whole family sitting together! Toni’s girlfriend ran off on an adventure, she hasn’t been seen in a few days. The family is hoping she returns safely. Also, Toni and her lady put money into the lottery. Here’s hoping that pays off!

04-15-19_9:59:55 PM

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