Punk Rock Legacy – Some Offline Play

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, but real life’s been crazy so fake Sim life hasn’t been at the front of my mind. In addition, I realized in my last stream that we were in a bit of a boring spot in game. Sooooo, I played some offline. I meant to just get to a point that’d be fun to stream again, but I sort of just kept going. WHOOPS! I took some screenshots to get you all caught up. I’ll be streaming again soon now that life is starting to get back to normal.

First, I’m happy to announce that Toni’s adopted daughter, Daniella, is continuing the family feud with Salim.

02-17-19_7:38:50 PM.png

Unfortunately, after she told him off he felt obligated to come destroy her doll house.

02-17-19_7:40:10 PM.png

While all this was happening Toni was out on a date with some dude who’s name she doesn’t even remember. She chose to agree to the date because he was the first dude to approach her that DIDN’T HAVE A MANBUN!

02-22-19_11:43:09 AM.png

But again, don’t worry! She’s continuing her pranks and tranquilizing handshakes making enemies left and right.

02-22-19_11:45:17 AM.png

So, after all the terrible luck with men. Toni decided to see what it’d be like to spend time with some lady folk. Everything was going well…

03-06-19_8:28:32 PM.png

But then something started happening (what’s with the creepy smile?)

03-06-19_8:29:01 PM.png

Turns out, this new flame is POSSESSED (Thanks Strangerville expansion)!!

03-06-19_8:13:34 PM.png

So, this creepy lady is Toni’s new live-in girlfriend. When she’s not possessed she’s actually quite nice. However, she’s also nice to Salim so Toni had to step it up a bit. More brawls in the hallway!

03-06-19_8:55:24 PM.png

While this fight was happening Toni’s new flame became possessed again and decided to go for a run.

03-06-19_9:00:08 PM.png

While on this run she came across something ALMOST as weird as her, but definitely not as weird.

03-06-19_9:00:01 PM.png

In addition to these awesome updates Daniella has aged up to a teen! I used the random generator to get her next attribute, and it, unfortunately, wasn’t the Erratic trait so we’re still on the lookout for Toni’s heir! There’s still a chance it could be Daniella since she’ll add one more trait as a Young Adult, but it could also be Toni’s natural born son, Carl, if Daniella never gets the Erratic trait! OF COURSE there’s the chance that neither will get the trait and this whole legacy game is over before it really gets a chance to begin!


Oh yeah! Toni aged up to adult now too!

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