Punk Rock Legacy – It’s Baby Time!

I didn’t update after my 2nd and 3rd streaming sessions because finding time has been difficult. So here I am, 4 days after the 3rd session to give you all an update, and to get ready for my next stream (Sunday at 8pm EST)

Last time I said the mission for the next stream would be to get Toni knocked up, continue the feud with Salim, and get a promotion. All of those things were accomplished and then some between the two streams!

Toni still loved to dance even though her belly may have been getting in the way. Really didn’t stop her! She almost always opted for dancing vs watching tv. Keep that booty in shape girl!

02-03-19_9:01:20 PM

Seriously, no matter how big that belly got. She just kept on dancing.

02-04-19_8:21:37 PM

Being pregnant didn’t stop the erratic trait at all either. I honestly think it may have amplified it. She talked to herself and her friends ALOT!

02-04-19_8:22:04 PM

But soon her baby was home! I chose the name Carl (from the Walking Dead) because we always liked to yell at Carl from TWD whenever he did something he wasn’t supposed to like leave the house. DAMNIT CARL! Figured it would translate well to The Sims, and so far it has. Baby Carl was pretty okay, but we upgraded him to toddler pretty quickly.

02-04-19_8:32:31 PM

Toddler Carl received his trait using an online random generator. He obtained Angelic, which really makes the whole yelling at him more difficult.

02-04-19_8:44:11 PM

Man Bun (aka Baby Daddy Bun) was around a lot, but not at all helpful. They started fighting a lot, even in front of Carl. I hope Carl comes out of this okay.

02-04-19_8:50:47 PM

At least Toni was still there to read him to bed and calm him down. She’s turning into a better mother than I envisioned.

02-04-19_8:56:01 PM

However, shortly after Toni got Carl to sleep Salim started making a whole giant mess of noise! WHAT ON EARTH WAS HAPPENING OVER THERE!!

02-04-19_9:05:36 PM

Toni went next door to find out. Fuming that her and Carl were both woken up. This did not help her want to start mending the relationship with Salim, and then he walks out IN THIS!

02-04-19_9:06:17 PM

Well, since she wasn’t going to get Carl back to sleep soon she figured a bath might help calm him down again…

02-04-19_9:16:35 PM

Now, the fighting between Toni and Baby Daddy Bun has put a wrench in my plans to have them continue to try to have a female baby for the sake of Toni’s legacy, and I’ve still made this legacy even harder by requiring the heir to have the Erratic trait so, in some cases, I may not even know who the heir is until they’re young adult! Now, do I find Toni another baby daddy? Does she adopt a girl? Does she just stick with Carl and not worry about more kids? I guess we’ll find out, at least some of this, on the next stream!

Things that will be happening for sure:

  • The feud with Salim will definitely continue
  • Toni still needs to make someone else dislike her
  • Gonna continue down that Secret Agent career track until she can be a Villain.

If you’d like to tune in to see what’s going to happen with this ridiculous family please check out my next life stream on Sunday (2/10) at 8pm EST. You can also catch some clips and the videos of the previous two streams on my twitch page as well! Give me a follow over there to get notified when the next stream goes live! If you’ve randomly found this page and would like to follow me on social media you can find those links at the top right of this page.

I’m really looking forward to my next stream. I’ve been working on the actual video layout a bit, fixed an audio issue before the last stream, and I’m working on putting a few widgets and things together to make everything look more professional.

Thanks for reading/watching! Can’t wait to see what happens next. 😀

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