Punk Rock Legacy – Sims 4 Twitch Stream

Last night I did my first Sims 4 life stream. I’m not sure how frequently/consistently I’ll be able to stream, but I’m going to try to find a schedule that works. I took several screenshots from in game so I’m going to post those with a bit of story here. Again, I’m not sure if this is something I’ll do regularly, maybe only when big things happen in the game, but I’d consider her first few days of life pretty big!

First, here’s a glimpse of our girl! Toni Reinhardt

02-02-19_9:04:23 AM

She is so punk rock, and took a job as a Secret Agent! This is a job I’ve never had one of my sims be so it’s been fun so far. Here are her aspiration and traits:

Screenshot 2019-02-02 09.11.34

  • Chief of Mischief
    •  Erratic
    • Dance Machine
    • Goofball

I chose an aspiration and traits I haven’t played with before, and with the rules set for my legacy game each heir to the Reinhardt legacy will have to have the Erratic trait. Traits will be given randomly to each child born/adopted into the family using an online generator based on parent traits. Sometimes they’ll get a parent’s trait. Sometimes it’ll be something completely different.

Now that you’ve met Toni lets dive into her first few days!

Toni made friends with Salim. Things started out pretty well. Conversation was good, everyone was getting along.

02-01-19_9:34:36 PM

Toni also made friends with Akira (who will forever be called Man Bun). They went to the park and played chess because Toni needed to work on her Logic skill for her day job.

02-01-19_9:51:30 PM

So, Salim had been coming over banging on Toni’s door complaining about her music being too loud. Whatever, she’s punk rock! Soon they began to argue. So much for that friendship.

02-01-19_10:11:22 PM

Toni put one of her new skills to work. She received a Tranquilizing Handshake skill that she decided would be great to end the argument with Salim.

02-01-19_10:11:19 PM

It worked beautifully. Victory is hers!

02-01-19_10:11:32 PM

She heard Salim come home the next day and decided to pay him a visit and knock him out with the handshake again so he couldn’t come over and harass her again.

02-01-19_10:24:21 PM

However, she was also exhausted from a late night out and a full day of work and promptly passed out. (this was actually a point in the game where something bugged out. I tried replacing the bed with a new one, but she just kept waking up. So I had to reboot the game. Wasted money on a new bed for nothing!)

02-01-19_10:28:49 PM

With the erratic trait she’s never lonely! Talks to herself over a meal, and even talks to “friends” who aren’t there!

02-01-19_10:38:42 PM

On her 2nd or 3rd day (I lost track!) it was time for a neighborhood brawl! She picked a fight with some random dude and won increasing her fame just a tiny bit.

02-01-19_10:41:39 PM

Also, seemed like a good day to keep that feud going with Salim.

02-01-19_10:50:43 PM

I just enjoyed her expression in this one! I can’t wait until she has some cash so I can update this pre-furnished apartment. This place is so not punk rock.

02-01-19_10:56:38 PM

Ah yes, Man Bun came to visit, and they had their first kiss! He’s pretty punk rock too, except for that man bun. I also enjoy that you can see his reflection in the mirror!

02-01-19_10:59:37 PM

After that first kiss it’s time to work on those dancing skills! Dancing machine is another one of her traits so this was a lot of fun for Toni.

02-01-19_11:01:35 PM

After all of that it was time to make a baby. This time didn’t work out, but I’m sure they’ll try again soon!

02-01-19_11:04:01 PM

The missions for the next live stream will be to get Toni knocked up, continue her feud with Salim, and get another promotion! For her aspiration she needs to get one more person to hate her too. (Salim is already there) We’ll have to find some random person to make fun of and be mean to.

I had a blast doing my first live stream and can’t wait to play again! I will only be playing this legacy game while live so make sure you tune in to see what Toni’s up to! There’s an event list on the right side menu that will list my upcoming stream dates. I will keep that updated and post to twitter when I’ll be getting ready to stream. At the top right are links to my Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram accounts if you’d like to follow any of those.

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