My Daughter’s First Shelfie

I started collecting board games for my kid before she was born. Actually, I started collecting games for kids before I even considering having a kid. I loved playing with my nieces and nephews, younger cousins, and friends’ kids. So, because of all that my two and a half year old has a sizable board game collection. Some of which is age appropriate, but most of which she’ll be growing into.

Her current favorite is First Orchard from Haba games. Haba makes some of the best games for younger kids. With simple to follow directions, chunky pieces, and a lot of early development assistance. If you’ve ever wondered where/how to get your younger kids started in gaming this would be a good first place.

What are some of your kids current favorite games?


3 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Shelfie”

  1. Shockingly enough, I never got any HABA games when my kids were younger. Damn, I’m an awful parent. Here are some the games I’ve played with my boys when they were younger.

    Château Roquefort – This one is fun for adults as well. I’d hold off until she’s a bit older though as you have to try and remember where things are that get covered up, and you can move things while they are hidden by sliding the tiles. Very cool game.

    Chicken Cha Cha Cha – One of the favorites. I was amazed how good each kid’s memory was at a young age.

    Fearsome Floors – Even if they didn’t fully grasp the tactics this was always fun. The theme and getting to build the monster drew them in.

    Fluch der Mumie – Another favorite. Also released as Pyramid, and again soon as the Pyramid of Pengqueen. I ordered this from when it first came out. I have no regrets. The kids loved watching the mummy “magically” move and you could see their eyes widen if I got close.

    Giro Galoppo – Simple race game that was just so-so with the kids. The horses and jockeys are pretty cool.

    Gulo Gulo – This is the cream of the crop. A perfect design. You have to pull tiny wooden eggs out of a bowl without making a stick fall over. The small and sticky fingers that kids have and adults don’t give the former a big advantage. Can’t recommend this one enough. This was reprinted as Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo but I’m not familiar with what’s changed.

    Rory’s Story Cubes – More an activity than a game, but still fun. The world blew up between 2-3 times every time we played this. Parenting win?

    Snail’s Pace Race – Roll dice with colors on them and move the respective colored snails. Taught colors and taking turns. None of my kids took to this.

    We also played Uno, Apples to Apples, and used Carcassonne tiles as puzzle pieces. Sometimes forgetting the rules and creating an activity can be more rewarding – and your only option depending on the kiddo’s mood.

    My boys are now 16, 13, and 10. None of them are big boardgamers (damn you videogames) but they’ll play every so often, especially the younger two. Current favorites are Burgle Bros, Zombicide, and Castle Panic. I taught them Fabled Fruit last week and they loved it. They’ll also play Star Realms, King of Tokyo and Splendor.

    OK, that was a lot longer than I planned. Apologies for the wall of text.


    1. Thank you so much for the recommendations! Some of these were definitely already on my radar, but others I hadn’t heard of! I’m hoping she continues to enjoy games, at least until the rebellious teen stage


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